Get to Know 10,000 Jobs And Counting

So – You want to know the brain behind the blog?  Keep your arms and legs inside at all times – it may be a bumpy ride.  What can I say – I am a born writer, creative genius even – I used to get up in the middle of the night to write things down and not remember the next morning what I had written or that I had gotten up at all.  I write all the time.  I have stopped and started my story(s) a million times.  I have written song lyrics and poems, deep dark and ugly or beautiful and heart warming.  But this, this is my voice.  This time I’m committed and ready.  I’ve chosen 10,000 Jobs and Counting because if it wasn’t for some of the jobs I’ve had I never would have had certain life experiences that I can now write about.

On a personal note, I am a wife, mom and career woman – it can be done.  In my ‘spare time’ I write, watch bad TV, drink (probably too much and too often but who’s judging), cook (another creative outlet – I love to try new things – don’t think trashy, hell who am I kidding!).  I enjoy social networking from the aspect that I can re-connect with old friends and self promote.  I can honestly say that it bores me and I typically go off the grid on weekends, holidays and during vacation.  Sometimes you just need to step away from the technology (I have a whole blog post on that topic but we’ll get to that).

From a career perspective I have fallen back asswards into being a communications / marketing / training specialist for a big wig financial firm.  It pays the bills and I am not complaining.  Whenever I am down on my luck (financially) something always works out, karma maybe but it’s like winning the lottery.  Therefore while I may point out things I am in no way complaining.

Being a mom is the most selfless I have ever been.  It is fabulous and I love it (most of the time) and if you’re being honest you’ll agree with me.

As a wife I’m probably not what any man would have signed up for had he known going in.  But my husband after 18 years can’t seem to get enough – I’ll take it!



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