Shoe Etiquette

Why is it ‘all about the shoes’ – why is all about no visible panty lines?  No respectable woman wants to be caught in a fashion disaster.  Your hair is done, make-up flawless, wardrobe impeccable and then the shoes.  The shoes have to work.  They are accessories for your feet!

In very basic etiquette your shoes must:

  1. Match – Obviously they must be 2 of the same shoe.  Now there are varying definitions of ‘match’ so don’t get confused with the matchy match concept that everything has to be tone on tone, spot on from the same circle of the color wheel.  That’s not what I’m saying.

    Matching your shoes is more than color, it’s style and attitude.  For example, smart blouse, maybe a peplum jacket with a scarf, pencil skirt just above the knee has a certain style. You would not put on a pair of loafers with that ensemble – or would you?  Picture it with knee length boots that have a moderate heel.  I say moderate because sometimes if the heel is too high it makes women look like they’re falling over.  I think another solid option is a pump in a cool color that accents the outfit but doesn’t make your shoes look like they are attached to your stockings – that is matchy match and a no – no.

  2. Fit – If you have a wide foot do not wear narrow shoes so that your pinky toe is bulging out the side or makes your foot look like it’s in a sausage casing.  Lots of shoe options are available in all widths and sizes.  And I get that women have a foot phobia if you’re sporting a size 10 and want it to look like you’re in a 6 and 1/2.  In shoes with the right fit and style size doesn’t matter!  (This is true only in for shoes, forget everything else you’ve heard!)
  3. Style – Subjective yes but can we all agree that there are certain retro throw backs that should stay in the decade they came from.  I was never a fan of the see through platform fishbowls – that’s just wrong!  I also think the wooden ‘Candies’ from whenever should be used as firewood.  (I saw them on a woman recently who was wearing a short skirt and nude panty hose with them – who wears panty hose?  And she was at a bowling alley!)
  4. Function – If what you are about to ‘throw’ on your feet are worn bare through to the souls, have visible holes and are tattered or just plain dirty, have heels worn so that the fabric or leather is starting to curl up it’s time for a new pair.  These are non-functioning shoes.  They are not doing your feet any good and I am certain they are not helping out your look.
  5.  Attitude – Most important!  The shoes are such a key accessory to work the woman, the clothes and the attitude.  If the shoes suck, meaning they have no personality, lack a look that says ‘I’m here’ or overall confidence about them then likely so will you.
Clearly these are my observations and opinions but hey, I’m the one who won the job because of the shoes.  Shoes are like the icing on the cake, without the right pair of kicks it really doesn’t matter what designer label is plastered on your ass or swung over your shoulder.  Big picture ladies, think head to toe and go!

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